Eliminate Fear Of Surgery and Surgery Anxiety

on Apr 28
Dr. Olga Stevko
Mind-Body Expert
Russian Medical Doctor

There are natural and proven ways to greatly reduce the amount of fear, anxiety, stress, or worry you may experience before or after surgery.

It’s extremely important that you take advantage of these natural methods, because reducing your fear, anxiety, worry or stress will help you have an easier surgery, and to heal faster with less complications

Fear of surgery, surgery anxiety, and surgery worry are very common and natural things for anyone undergoing a surgery procedure to experience. Surgery phobias and anesthesia phobias, while less common, are still problems for some patients.

About 8 out of 10 people I meet who come to me for help to heal faster from surgery have pre-surgery anxiety levels ranging from 5 to 8 out of a zero to ten scale (10 being the most anxious). I’m constantly amazed by the other 2 people, who have literally zero anxiety.

Being a curious person, I’ve interviewed the zero anxiety surgery patients to see what they are doing and what they have in common.

Here are the common traits and thoughts of the “zero anxiety” surgery patients:

  • They See Themselves in the Future Completely Healed
  • They “Know” and Believe Everything will be Fine
  • They are Confident in their Own Bodies Healing Abilities
  • Most Have a Belief or Trust in a Higher Power
  • They Generally Have Had Surgery Before and Know What to Expect

Without realizing it, these surgery patients are doing an excellent job “conditioning” their mind and body for their surgery and healing process. Every time they think about their surgery, they think of the very positive beliefs and statements that have been listed above.

Even though its normal for most surgery patients to have stress, anxiety, worry or fear about surgery, it’s actually the OPPOSITE of what they want to be feeling if they want the best possible results.

Stress, anxiety, worry, fear can all increase levels of cortisol and can increase adrenaline levels as well. Over time, increased levels of either of these can and will suppress your immune system, make it more defficult to sleep, can raise blood pressure and pulse, and generally create poor conditions in your body for surgery and surgery healing.

It’s very important to acknowledge your anxiety, and take some simple, proven steps to reduce it so your body can be in the best possible shape to have a more successful surgery procedure and be in better condition to heal after surgery.

Here are some for the fastest and best ways to qucikly reduce your anxiety, stress, and worry before surgery.

1) Do your homework- Most surgeries have really great outcomes now. Learn about your surgery, your doctor, and the success rates for both your doctor and your surgery. Realize and remind yourself that your odds of success in most cases are very high. Even if they arent as high for those few of you facing really challenging circumstances, focus on being one of those who will succeed

2) Positive Visualization-One study of 2000 cancer survivors showed the main thing they had in common was that they believed they would heal, they saw themselves in the future as healing, and they saw their illness as a process or a journey. Visualization can be as simple as closing your eyes, relaxing and just creating those positive images in your mind of healing. You can also buy CDs which use self-hypnosis and guided imagery to support you in this process

3) Deep Breathing-I would estimate that 80% of the people I see in my office are shallow breathers. By this, I mean
they are breathing shallowly from the top of their chest. Good, healthy deep breathing starts from the belly, often called in yoga a “belly breath”. Oxygen is the most important thing your body needs to function, without it, your brain starts to die in a few minutes. Learning to take 10, slow deep breaths several times per day, in from the bottom of your belly, and filling yourself upwards to your chest, is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. It is also one of the fastest an easiest ways to reduce stress and anxiety.

By just taking these three, simple steps, you can greatly reduce your stress and anxiety before surgery, and be on your way to a faster recovery.

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