Recovery Begins Before Surgery

on Mar 18
Dr. Olga Stevko
Mind-Body Expert
Russian Medical Doctor

From the time of my medical school in Russia in the mid-1980’s until now, the surgery and surgery recovery processes have remained mostly unchanged:  you get diagnosed, you suffer through stress, anxiety, worry or fear about your surgery until your surgery, you get anesthesia and other medications during your surgery, you recover in the hospital or at home after surgery, you use prescription medications for your pain and other post surgery complications, and you typically recover within a certain range of days, weeks or months.

Miraculous advances have occurred in surgery itself, reducing procedure times, hospital stays, and improving outcomes. However, you the patient has been mainly left to fend for yourself to deal with the stress and anxiety of surgery, the best ways to prepare yourself before surgery, how to minimize pain and other common complications after surgery, and how to have a faster and complete recovery.

During this same time period, little known research has been performed at many of the leading U.S. hospitals and research institutions in the country, including Harvard Medical School, Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Stanford Hospital, and The Cleveland Clinic. These studies have tested how mind-body methods, such as medical hypnosis and guided imagery, can help patients both before and after surgery.

A total of over 200 studies have been completed researching the mind-body connection for surgery, providing compelling evidence for more positive patient outcomes before and after surgery, including:

  • 79% Less Anxiety
  • 76% Less Emotional Upset
  • 54% Less Pain
  • 74% Less Nausea After Surgery
  • 50% Less Medication Used
  • 37% Faster Recovery Times
  • 82% Sleep Improvement
  • 50% Less Anesthesia

Certain mind-body methods used before a surgery procedure can actually helping place the surgery patients mind and body in a more relaxed and prepared state for their surgery, creating better brain and body chemistry at the time of the procedure itself, resulting in less pain, fewer complications, and faster healing.

I have been developing and using mind-body programs for over 6 years in my private practice, for over 1,000 clients. Every client who has used The Surgery Companion program for  their surgery has virtually eliminated pre-surgery stress and fear, eliminated sleep issues before surgery, experienced nominal post surgery pain, less bruising, bleeding, swelling, and have experienced fast and complete recoveries.

While it can cost over $600 to get access to my private three session program for surgery, you can now get the same benefits (at about one-tenth the cost) with my mind-body surgery audio program- “The Surgery Companion”, which has separate audios for before and during surgery, after surgery, and for pain management.

This program is currently being recommended by other surgeons and doctors for their patients.

Remember, if you choose to prepare for surgery using proven mind-body methods, you can have an easier, stress-free surgery, with less pain and a fast recovery.

Dr. Olga Stevko
Mind-Body Expert
Russian Medical Doctor

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