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“Surgery Friday-Back in Class Monday: Faster Healing, Less Meds, Minimal Scarring”

“I had foot surgery done on my right foot on a Friday and by Monday morning I was actually back in class, and the pain was really so much less than the doctor thought. I was off meds almost within 5 days.

In fact, the doctor was really surprised, and my foot healed really well. So, the scar on the foot, he can hardly tell, he said: this is one of the most amazing scars that I have seen on a foot.

So it was really great and effective to use the CD.”

— Kurt W., Foot Surgery

“The Difference Between My First Surgery, and This Surgery, Using The Surgery Companion, Was Really Phenomenal!”

“Prior to the surgery, I was a little bit nervous about having my surgery, which was in my upper torso. I listened to the pre-surgery CD every morning and every night. On the day of the surgery, I felt much, much calmer. I was actually joking with my doctor that I knew that he would do a very good job.

I had a similar surgery sometime before, and so these two surgeries are very similar. I noticed the first time I had it, my pain level was about maybe level 8 from 0 to 10. And this time, having listened to the CDs, I noticed the pain level drop down to about 4, and my recovery time was incredible. After a week’s time, I went back to see my doctor and he was amazed at how fast I have recovered this time.

The other thing that was amazing too is, after having my surgery again, listened to the post-surgery CD, I noticed that my intake on the pain pills was greatly reduced. The first surgery I had to take pain pills for almost two weeks full strength. With this surgery, I was on full strength for only 2 days. After 5 days, I actually went off pain pills completely. The difference between the two was really phenomenal.

I felt so much lighter, so much better and overall my body recovered amazingly fast. I would highly recommend this to anybody that is having any sort of surgery.”

— Jehna H., Repeat Surgery

“After 35 Surgeries, Finally Complete Healing With Dr. Stevko’s Methods!”

“I was struck by cars as a youth in my 20s, which led to over 35 surgeries to date for my knees. Any surgery I have ever had required heavy medication, and lots of pain relievers. Two of these surgeries were knee replacements, which did not heal well and needed complex surgery to repair them. The prognosis was not good for these final surgeries and there were questions about even being able to do them.

After following Dr. Stevko’s mind-body surgery program, the difference in the post operative recovery cycles were amazing. I was able to get off heavy pain relievers in two days instead of two weeks, the wound healed within a matter of 10 days instead of 25 days, and I didn’t have to use my own blood donation like in prior surgeries.

Healed more quickly, more completely. It’s now been several years later. A wound that used to open up and close up, that was cause of my infection, is now completely healed and gone! So, I – just summarize it all: it’s less pain, less medication, more complete and rapid healing. I can attest to this personally.”

— Mark S., Repeat Complex Knee Surgery

“I Walked Up Three Flights of Stairs After Knee Surgery Without Any Help…”

“A long time ago, I had a complicated knee surgery. It was very, very painful and it took about a year for me to recover and get back to work. So, of course I was anxious, with this new knee surgery coming up.

The CDs I find were particularly helpful, because they reinforce good healing practices and relaxation, and they also helped me have more positive expectations of what was possible with my knee and how quickly I would heal. Dr Olga’s program does help create more positive expectations, and I can just tell you what happened with me. I went in and I had the surgery, and I didn’t have much anxiety before the surgery.

After the surgery I woke up very quickly, the nurse was startled to see me awake and alert. I was able to go home the following day, which was pretty much on schedule as I expected. But they, the doctors and the surgeons, suggested that we hire a medical transport because I live up 3 flights of stairs. I think because of the program, listening to the CDs and preparing, I was able to walk up the three flights of stairs without any help. It was all just on the crutches, and that was surprising.

When I saw the surgeon 2 weeks later, he was surprised. He thought I had done very well, that the knee got set. I felt pretty good after two weeks, and was back to work in about a month instead of two months later.

I didn’t use much pain medication. I didn’t have much pain. So, I strongly recommend the program.”

— Howard S., Repeat Knee Surgery

“I Left The Hospital in 6 Days, Instead of 12!”

“I passed two clots into my lungs and nearly died. While I was in the hospital, I was diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure and coronary heart disease which meant I had 4 arteries that were 90% blocked. The medical team told me that I would experience an awful lot of pain, that I would be depressed, that I would suffer anxiety and fear and sadness, and that I will have my ups and downs, and that I will have good days and bad days. They also said that I would probably have considerable bloating and weight gain of about 20 lbs. There was no positive reinforcement whatsoever.

However, I still remained positive because of the CDs that I was listening to. Prior to the surgery, the surgeon said to me that I was a high risk candidate, because of my blood clots. He said that I would remain under anesthesia probably for 3 days and that I would remain in the hospital for 12 days.

What really happened was this – I listened to the CDs 5 to 7 times a day after the surgery and I had no bleeding, no fluids building up, my diabetes and blood pressure were normal. I did not experience any weight gain because of the fluid built up; in fact I lost 3 pounds. I came out of anesthesia in 8 hours instead of 3 days.

I stayed in the hospital 6 days instead of 12, when actually I could have left in 4 days, and I had no complications whatsoever. All of this was, I feel, because of the hypnotherapy CDs that I listened to. I tested them and they worked for me.

I like to thank Dr. Stevko for these CDs and for her help. And I strongly recommend and urge people to get these CDs and listen to the surgery companion.”

— James McDonald, Complex Heart Bypass Surgery

“Virtually Pain Free Surgery”

“I became due for repair to my torn right rotator cuff, and was going to have surgery. I used Dr. Stevkos Surgery CD’s, there was one for prior to surgery and then there was pain management and there was promoting healing after surgery.

I listened to these tapes for 3 weeks prior to the operation and the operation itself was virtually pain free which is good for me, because I can’t take vicaden or percacet. There was no bruising. When I was lying in bed being prepped for surgery, I did some self hypnosis techniques and when the nurse came to take my blood pressure and vital signs, she wanted to know if I was an athlete, because my heart rate as down to 43.

I can say that this program was definitely a big help to me going into the surgery and for healing afterwards; and I would recommend it to anybody to try.”

— MH Casey, Torn Rotator Cuff Surgery

“Not Afraid Any More & Really Fast Recovery”

“Before the first surgery, I was just scared to death. After that surgery, my recovery was much slower than the doctor had predicted and I had a lot of pain for awhile. Because of that experience, I just started to look for some alternative way to help me to overcome fears before my second surgery. I listened to the Surgery program several times per day.

I did not feel panicky and was not afraid of surgery any more after doing this. And during my procedure, my surgeon allowed me to listen to the program, while I was under general anesthesia. I actually took my player into the operating room. After surgery, I did not have much pain at all. After 2 days I felt normal and did not need any more pain killers. I had a very fast recovery.

When my doctor did a follow up with me, she was so surprised that I did not even have any bruising on my abdomen. My doctor recommended taking two weeks off from work to recover after surgery, but I felt so good and could function normally within 2 days after surgery.

I would recommend Dr Olga’s surgery program to anybody, to prepare for surgery, and heal after surgery. Also anyone will benefit from hypnosis if they are afraid of medical procedures and want to be more calm and relaxed before the procedure because this really works.”

— Debbie B., Repeat Abdominal Surgery

Surgeon Sees His Patients Get Better Outcomes Using The Surgery Companion

“My name is Dr. Bart Rademaker and I am a board certified plastic surgeon in Tampa, Fl. I want to introduce you to a program that has completely revolutionized my practice. I really believe in giving my patients every chance to have a wonderful and outstanding outcome after the surgery. This program really delivers that.

It does this by simply preparing my patients much more effectively for surgery and get them much more relaxed. And into operatively, once they listen to the program, things seem to work out so much more smoothly: less bleeding, less anesthesia. Post operatively, all the patients do so much better. Recovery is faster, and the pain that the patient has is much less. The overall sense of well being sounds better.

So clearly this is a program that has revolutionized my practice — something that I would highly recommend to all the surgeons and the patients.”

— Bart Rademaker, MD & Board Certified Plastic Surgeon