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Dr. John Gray

“The Mind-Body methods which are now available to help you recover faster from surgery with less pain or anxiety have been implemented very effectively in Dr. Olga Stevko’s new audio program “The Surgery Companion”. “The Surgery Companion” is an excellent program, which can help anyone have a faster and easier surgery recovery.

— John Gray, PhD., Best Selling Relationship & Health Author of
“Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” Series

From Dr. Olga Stevko
RE: A Faster and Easier Surgery Recovery

Dr. Olga Stevko

Dear Friend:

You and I share a very important common goal:

“To help you, or someone you love, to have the fastest and easiest possible surgery recovery, while having minimal pain or anxiety.”

I’m Dr. Olga Stevko, and I’ve spent the last seven years helping people just like you have much faster and easier surgery recoveries, with less pain or anxiety. After seeing and hearing how much my clients had suffered through their prior surgeries, and seeing how much faster and easier their surgery recoveries have been since using the program I developed, I’ve decided to share my private client program with you and anyone who is facing surgery and surgery recovery.

7 Reasons Why You Can Trust Dr. Olga Stevko :
  1. Medical Doctor Training
    8 years Prior Medical Practice
    Assisted in 30 Surgeries
    Top 10% of Medical School
  2. Nationally Recognized Mind-Body Medicine Expert
    7 Years Private Practice
    1,000+ clients
    Author, Lecturer
  3. Featured on NBC & MSNBC
    Multiple Stories Covering Her Methods and Results
  4. Doctor & Surgeon Recommended
    Leading Physicians, Surgeons and Psychologists recommend this program, including Dr. John Gray
  5. Seven Year Success Record
    Surgery Patients Have Faster Recoveries, Less Pain or Anxiety-Numerous Video and Written Testimonials
  6. 6) Documented Case Study Report
    Patients using the program had 48% Faster Healing,
    73% Less Pain Meds Used,
    79% Less Anxiety,
    16 Day Faster Recovery Using the Program
  7. 7) No Risk One Year Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

One client of mine, Mark S., had THIRTY FIVE surgeries on his knees, with unbelievable pain and suffering and cost, before using my program. He listened to my program before his most recent surgeries several years ago, and his knees healed faster and more completely than ever before-he is still doing great and does not need further surgery, according to his doctors.

Here are some examples of what surgery patients have said after using my program, The Surgery Companion:

  • “I had my foot surgery on a Friday, and by Monday morning, I was back in class, and the pain was so much less than the doctor thought it would be. It was really great and effective to use the CD’s!”

    - Kurt W., Repeat Foot Surgery San Francisco, CA

  • “My doctor recommended two weeks off from work to recover from surgery, but I felt so go I could function normally within two days after surgery! I would recommend Dr Olga’s surgery program to anybody”

    - Debbie B., Repeat Abdominal Surgery San Francisco, CA

  • “The operation itself was virtually pain-free for me, which is good because I’m allergic to prescription painkillers. This program was definitely a big help for me both before surgery, and during recovery!”

    -MH Casey, Repeat Shoulder Surgery San Francisco, CA

  • “After listening to The Surgery Companion CDs, I didn’t have much anxiety before surgery. The surgeon was surprised by my fast recovery-I was back to work in about a month instead of two months later! I strongly recommend this program to anyone having surgery”

    -Howard H., Repeat Knee Surgery San Francisco, CA

  • “I was walking in the hospital the day after my hip replacement surgery, and was able to walk unassisted up two flights of stairs when I went home 3 days later. My doctor says his staff is still amazed by the lack of pain I experienced during my recovery.

    -R. Franco Hip Replacement Surgery, San Francisco, CA

  • “My facial surgery was comprehensive and took 8 hours. Following surgery, I had minimal swelling, minor discoloration, and little if any bruising. My surgeon stated he had never before seen such good results.”

    -Margaret Umanzio, Facial Surgery, Walnut Creek, CA

Surgery Can Be Scary, and Most of the Problems You May Face Happen AFTER Your Surgery

If you are reading this, and learning more about your surgery and recovery, you may already know there are many issues related to surgery and recovery that can be challenging (and honestly even scary). It’s absolutely natural and normal to feel this way, and many people feel concerned, worried, anxious or fearful about surgery. After all, it’s your health and your body. The problem (which I’ll talk more about later) is that these emotions can trigger responses in your body which can be harmful to you, and can dramatically slow your recovery and healing.

I have worked one-on-one with so many surgery patients over the past seven years, and have talked with them and I’ve helped them overcome their concerns and I’ve included specific suggestions in my program to help address just about every possible issue you can think of. A number of these surgery patients had very negative experiences from prior surgeries, so they were very aware of all of the post-surgery recovery issues patients face.

The main issues that come up for surgery patients I have seen, especially those who had previous surgery, include:

  • Slower Recovery
  • Fear & Anxiety About Surgery
  • Excessive Post-Surgery Pain
  • Incomplete Recovery
  • Worry About Missing Work
  • Surgery Related Stress
  • Fear of Death
  • Reaction to Pain Meds
  • Post Surgery Nausea
  • Excessive Bruising & Swelling
  • Post Surgery Depression
  • Excessive Bleeding
  • Sleeplessness
  • Excessive Scarring
  • Post Surgery Infections
  • Reaction to Anesthesia
  • Lack of Motivation to do Rehab
  • Post-Surgery Digestion Issues

The Costs of “Doing Nothing” To Take Positive Actions To Support Your Recovery From Your Surgery Can Be Much Higher Than You May Think…

You may not have known before that there are simple, easy to follow steps you can take to recover faster from your surgery, and if you do NOT do them, you can face much higher costs than if you take these simple steps before surgery and during your recovery process.

The largest potential costs to you… if you do not take steps to support your recovery… are: additional pain, a longer recovery, a potentially incomplete recovery, additional prescription medications, possibly followed by additional doctor visits, or unfortunately for many, more surgery. In this current economy, you probably want to and need to get back to work as quickly as possible, and additional lost work days can mean both lost income and having to work extra to make up for lost days.

Even if you are retired or not working, what’s spending even one more day days NOT enjoying the company of those you love, and doing the things you love, worth to you?

What The Healthcare System is Missing, and What You and EVERY Surgery Patient Needs…

What healthcare providers are not currently doing, is to give you the surgery patient simple, proven and effective ways to fully support you physically, mentally and emotionally before and after surgery. Every day, your body is creating internal chemistry that effects how you think, feel, and function.. For example, if you are stressed and anxious in the days before your surgery , your body will produce more of the hormones cortisol and adrenaline. At higher levels, these hormones can lower your immune system defenses, increase your blood pressure and heart rate, and can slow your post-surgery healing.

Imagine if you were able to tell your body to create the “ideal state” and conditions inside your body for optimal healing, or to have the smoothest possible surgical procedure, or to heal with minimal pain. You could have a dramatically better surgery result, with faster healing and less pain.

Fortunately, the unique and proven program I’ve created has been designed specifically to allow you create “ideal states” and internal chemistry for each stage of your surgery process, help you overcome ALL of the issues and concerns surgery patients face, and help you to avoid the potentially very high costs of “doing nothing” before surgery and during surgery recovery…

The Surgery Companion is the Easy to Use, Proven Audio Program to Help You Heal Faster with Less Pain or Anxiety

The Surgery Companion is the result of working one-on-one with surgery patients… for over 7 years…addressing and solving every issue they have encountered preparing for surgery, and during prior surgery recoveries. The Surgery Companion combines natural, proven mind-body methods I’ve used in my practice, including Guided Imagery, Clinical Hypnosis, NLP, and Energy Medicine.

The program works by combining powerful parts of these mind-body processes into an simple THREE STEP APPROACH, which will help you heal faster with less pain:

Deep Relaxation => Mind-Body Preparation => Healing Acceleration

The three step approach is the key to the success of this program. Each audio will first guide you gently into a deep relaxation. Next, the program shares specific suggestions which will allow your mind and body to create ideal internal body chemistry and be fully prepared for your stage of the surgery process. Finally, specific suggestion are shared to activate and accelerate your own natural healing processes.

The program has 4 CDs/MP3s, including three deep relaxation programs which include mind-body preparation and healing acceleration (combining voice and music) which will help you create the ideal chemistry for each stage of the surgery and recovery process. You listen to one program before surgery (and during surgery with your doctor’s okay), one program after surgery , and one if you want to reduce your pain symptoms. The fourth bonus CD includes powerful techniques for relaxation, pain release and faster healing. I recommend listening to the pre-surgery program daily, if possible, at least a week before surgery, and the post-surgery program daily until you feel better.

The best news for you is – all you have to do is listen and relax- the audios are less than 30 minutes long – it’s as easy as putting on headphones or a CD before bed, and drifting off into a deep, restful sleep.

Patients Using The Surgery Companion Healed Almost Twice as Fast, With Far Less Pain and Far Less Anxiety:

We asked a number of surgery patients to fill out a survey after they recovered from their surgeries using The Surgery Companion. They compared their actual recovery times and medications used to their doctors estimates. The results were very exciting:

  • 48% Faster Recovery
  • 73% Less Pain Medications
  • 79% Less Anxiety
  • 16 Days Faster Recovery Time
  • Low Pain Levels Post-Surgery
  • Less Swelling Post-Surgery
  • Reduced Nausea
  • Less Bleeding; No Transfusions
  • Bruised Less
  • Had Smaller Scars
  • Felt Constantly Supported
  • Left the Hospital Sooner
  • Went Back to Work Sooner
  • Motivated for Physical Therapy
  • Felt Confident About Recovery
  • Motivated for Better Self-Care
  • Felt More Positive

Listen To These Surgery Patients Who Have Experienced Remarkable Results Using The Surgery Companion:

“My Pain Dropped to a 2 or 1 After Only 3 Days, and I Was Able To Move Freely After Only Two Weeks”

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

— Uma Ericckson, Fibroid Removal Surgery (Myomectomy) Patient; Video Testimonial

“Far Less Recovery Time and Better Results than I or My Doctors Expected”

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— Gil Ahrens, Foot Surgery Patient; Video Testimonial

“No Anxiety, Minimal Pain, No Complications-
I Left the Hospital 6 Days Early!”

“I passed two blood clots into my lungs and nearly died. I had some skepticism about Mind-Body programs helping with my surgery, but kept an open mind.

After listening to the program, I had no anxiety before or after my open heart surgery procedure, took no narcotic medications after day two, and had minimal post surgery pain (between 2-3 out of a 10 scale). I was very positive and felt good during my post surgery recovery, and left the hospital six days earlier than the twelve days my doctors estimated.

Other cardiologists would visit me to ask what I was doing to get such great results. I told them it was all due to listening to The Surgery Companion. I highly recommend, and urge anyone having surgery to order The Surgery Companion.”

— James McDonald, Complex Open Heart Surgery Patient; Video Testimonial

“This Time, With The Surgery Companion-
No Fear, and an Incredibly Fast Recovery”

“I have had this surgery once before, and the difference with The Surgery Companion is pretty phenomenal. After listening to the CDs, I felt my fear went away.

The first time I had surgery, my pain level was about maybe level 8 from 0 to 10. And this time, having listened to the hypnosis CD, I noticed the pain level drop down to about 4, and my recovery time was incredible.

Even my surgeon could not believe my results. So if you are thinking about having surgery, I highly, highly recommend it.”

— Jehna H., Repeat Upper Torso Surgery; Video Testimonial

Click here to order The Surgery Companion Audio Program Now!

Harvard Medical School, Stanford Hospital, The Cleveland Clinic, and others Have Proven that the Methods Used By The Surgery Companion Improve Surgery Results:

Leading medical institutions, including: Harvard Medical School. Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Stanford Hospital, The Cleveland Clinic, and others, have completed over 200 studies which prove that the mind-body methods used by The Surgery Companion provide powerful benefits for surgery patients.
Improvements for surgery patients included:

  • 54% Less Pain
  • 74% Less Nausea After Surgery
  • 50% Less Medication Needed
  • 82% Sleep Improvement
  • 50% Less Anesthesia

The Surgery Companion is Surgeon Tested
and Recommended

The Surgery Companion Program is recommended and sold by surgeons, doctors and other healthcare providers for their patients. Surgeons who have operated on patients who are listening to the program are surprised by how much easier the actual surgeries are, and how much better the patients do.

Doctors have been very excited about the results they have seen compared to patients who did not use the program. Doctors also like that the program is easy for patients to use, and can help them be more calm and positive both before and after surgery, so they can maintain healthy cortisol levels.

My Patients Have Faster, Easier Recoveries With The Surgery Companion!

“The Surgery Companion CD Program has revolutionized my practice. My patients are calmer and more positive before surgery. They experience less pain or bruising, they sleep better, and they have faster and easier recoveries. Even the surgeries themselves go more smoothly.

“I highly, highly recommend this program to ANYONE having surgery.”

— Bart Rademaker MD, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Surgery Clinic Owner & Former Chief of Surgery Tampa, Fl

“I Strongly Recommend The Surgery Companion Program to Any Patient Considering Surgery”

“My name is Dr. Gary Gordon, and I am a medical doctor who has specialized in the recovery and healing for cardiac patients for nearly 30 years. I strongly recommend the powerful new Mind-Body program, “The Surgery Companion”, to help surgery patients have a better surgery experience and heal faster.

I believe that listening to this program will improve the outcome of any type of surgery a patient may be having. I like that it is very easy for patients to use-you just have to listen to the program.

I know that patients who use the program will be calmer and more relaxed before surgery, experience less pain after surgery, sleep better and heal faster.”

— G.F. Gordon MD DO MD (H.)
President, Gordon Research Institute Payson AZ

Top hospitals like The Mayo Clinic, The Cleveland Clinic and Stanford Hospital are starting to integrate mind-body programs into their offerings for surgery patients. You too, can take advantage of the remarkable results Mind-Body methods offer to support you through your surgery process…

Here’s What You Get When You Order The Surgery Companion Today:

My Promise To You

I know this program works, and if you follow the program, you will heal much faster, with far less pain or anxiety. My clients who have used the program over the past seven years have had a 100% success and satifaction rate.

When You Order Today…

you’ll receive the same program my live session private clients receive:

The 4 CD or MP3 package which includes: Calm and Empowered Before Surgery, Rapid Surgery Recovery, Pain Release, and Mind-Body Techniques. The program includes tracks in both a male and female voice-choose the one you prefer or rotate them.

Special Bonus

In addition, I want to add a Special bonus for those of you who want to be more proactive in your healing process. Ive written a 40 Page Special Report: The Seven Secrets to Easier Surgery and Faster Recovery (a $47 value) which will be sent to you free if you order now.

Just in case you have ANY concerns this program is right for you, I am also offering a 1 year, Unconditional Money Back guarantee.

If for any reason, you don’t think the program worked for you, just return it and I will refund 100% of the product purchase price to you.

What could be more fair than that?

Special Offer Today

My private clients pay over $600 for the CDs and three private sessions, where I take them live through the deep relaxation, mind-body preparation, and healing acceleration three step process and share the Mind-Body techniques.

I created this program so its affordable to anyone, so for less than the cost of a good dinner for two, you can heal faster with less pain or anxiety. The program sells for just $97 on another website I own.

I’m making it available to you for a limited time only at a special “try it now ” price:

The Surgery Companion 4 CD set + The Seven Secrets Special Report ($97+$47=$144 TOTAL Value) for ONLY $69

Surgery Recovery
$69 for CDs
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The Surgery Companion MP3 + The Seven Secrets Special Report ($97+$47=$144 TOTAL Value) is only $57.

$57 for MP3 Download
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Please, Don’t Suffer Needlessly Through Surgery Recovery! Try Our Program Completely Risk Free

A secret my clients discovered is that the more they listen to the program, the better their results are! Every day you wait to order and start using the program is one more day of having stress or anxiety, building dangerous cortisol and adrenal levels before your surgery. Every day you wait to order can result in many more days of recovery, and post surgery pain,

Remember, my program has helped every client I’ve used it with for over seven years. The program comes with my unconditional one year money back guarantee.

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Dr. Olga Stevko
Surgery Recovery Expert

P.S. You can heal faster, with less pain and less anxiety-the sooner you start listening, the better your results will be.

P.P.S. When you are lying in your hospital bed or at home, and are experiencing pain, slow healing, and frustration of not getting better sooner, it will be too late-don’t miss the opportunity to have a faster, less painful recovery.

P.P.P.S. Consider that this is all about your health, your body, and your life. With as much as you and others in your life have depending on you having a great result and surgery recovery, it only makes sense to try The Surgery Companion completely risk free.

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…And you can be on your way to a faster recovery, with less pain and less anxiety

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