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The Surgery Companion team members have been featured on NBC multiple times, MSNBC, Russian State TV, Radio, and Internet Media.

Part of our mission is to educate and support the public about the powerful benefits of Mind-Body programs for surgery and health.

The Surgery Companion Program is an innovative and powerful solution to one of the most intense debates of our time, which is how do we control rising healthcare costs?

Surgery patients who use the Surgery Companion Program, and surgery patients from over 200 clinical studies who use mind-body programs for surgery, are having better, more positive surgery experiences and outcome, and have the following cost savings results:

27% Less Days in The Hospital
50% Less Anesthesia
50% Less Pain Medication
30% Reduced Blood Loss (lower transfusion costs)

Other cost savings benefits of mind-body programs include:

20% Less Surgery Procedure Time(Labor & Space)

15% Less Post-Operative Room Recovery Time
Reduced Post Surgery Complications
Return to Work Sooner

One of our recent open heart surgery clients spent six less days in the hospital than his doctors estimated, saving his insurance company (and all of us in premium increases) over $36,000 with our $99 product.

The average cost savings using mind-body techniques before surgery in a 2007 Clinical Study of 200 patients at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York (featured on ABC News with Dianne Sawyer) from a 50 minute breast biopsy procedure was over $773 per patient.

The average cost savings using mind-body techniques in anesthesia from a 2000 study of 241 surgery patients done by Harvard Medical School was $338 per patient.

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